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            Build roads and bridges, make contributions to the society; put employees in the first place, strive for excellence.

            A history of 50+ years︱60+ Countries︱230+ Ongoing projects

            The business scope ranges from road, bridge, port, tunnel, railway, municipal works, dredging, airport to investment and trade.

            Expansive market network︱Experienced design team︱Standardized project management

            CRBC captivates favor and trust of numbers of domestic and foreign financial institutions through its long-standing reputation and consistent implementation of principle of mutually benefit and win-win mindset.

            Powerful capital strength︱Strong financing capability

            CRBC is dedicated to promoting the research and application of the most cutting-edge engineering achievements in the industry.

            National enterprise technology center︱Novel high-tech enterprise certificate

            CRBC actively fulfills its social responsibility, and seeks a benign interaction and integrative development of the enterprise, society and environment.

            Localization︱Environmental protection︱Supporting communities